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  • Fondée en 2020
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Refyld is a young brand of hygiene products for the body,
hair and teeth. Healthy, rechargeable and made in France, the
Refyld products are intelligently designed: the bottles are
glass, the refills are made of paper and allow
the consumption of plastic drastically. All in a sleek design,
minimalist, with a slightly retro feel. *

- natural

Refyld products are made from 99% natural ingredients.
Why not 100%? Because Refyld members want products
hygiene products that foam and to make foam, we need to add a
surfactant. We use Coco Glucoside, a very mild surfactant that
is one of the least aggressive washing bases for the skin. He is
created from sugar and coconut and is perfect for skin

- Rechargeable

Once the glass bottle is finished, it can be refilled using
our paper refill. This refill is the first to be able to contain
an aqueous formula and can be recycled with paper and cardboard.

- Made in France

Our raw materials are grown all over Europe or so the ingredient
is not there, we opt for the geographically closest. A
once the raw materials have been collected, we move on to formulation with
our partner laboratories located in France (South, South-West & North-West).

- Suitable for children, pregnant / breastfeeding women and skin

Refyld products have been designed without essential oils and for
most sensitive skin in order to cleanse the body, hair and
smooth teeth. All products are suitable for pregnant women
and / or breastfeeding as well as to the little ones.
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