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  • Fondée en 2020
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LITTLE JOY KOMBUCHA is the culmination of a long passion for products
fermented, which started in 2016 in the United States and has been continuing here in Brittany since 2020.

This project is the fruit of my attachment for a long time to a philosophy
which consists in giving priority in all areas to simple things that make sense.
Change things on our own scale and restore common sense
in our daily lives but also a need to return to a mode of consumption
healthier and more local.
The manufacture of organic natural products is a long-term investment
for our health and that of our children.

Thirst-quenching, tangy and naturally sparkling... This tea is a fermented, lively, wild and 100% natural drink. Little Joy Kombucha has brought together in this bottle the best of the beneficial virtues of this ancestral drink to bring you your ratio of joy and good mood for the day. Brewed and fermented to music in the Gulf of Morbihan.
Drink very chilled - at sea, on land or in the air, but with good company and music, it's even better! Cheers!
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